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Light Sport Aircraft Course

What's the quickest and least expensive way to get a pilot's license? Train for the Sport Pilot certificate in a Gyrocopter or  Light Sport Aircraft.

If you've always wanted to learn to fly, but thought it was too expensive or too difficult... think again. You can earn your Sport Pilot certificate in as little as 30 hours of flight training. Most people take a little bit longer, but even still... it's entirely possible to go from zero to licensed pilot in just a couple months. Some have done it in just a couple weeks! And the cost... it can be 800 per hour.

Why choose Sport Pilot vs Private Private? 

Different students have different goals in aviation, and for many, the Gyrocopter certificate is a perfect fit. Here are some reasons to choose Sport Aviation:

Half the cost of a PPL

Less time required to get the license.

No FAA medical exam required

If your goal is to fly for fun as quickly and inexpensively as possible, this is the way to go.

Why do some students choose to bypass the Sport Aviation and go straight to Private Pilot?

Sport Pilots are restricted to flying 2-seat Light Sport Aircraft. If you want to fly bigger airplanes, you will need a PPL.

If you want to get an instrument rating to allow you to fly in the clouds, you will need a PPL.

Sport Pilots cannot fly at night, while Private Pilots can.

If you know that one day you will want to get a PPL or fly professionally, then skipping the Sport Pilot license will allow you to skip taking an extra written and practical test.

What's involved in Sport Pilot training?

Just like any pilot training, Sport Pilot training involves two main components - ground school and flight training. Ground school is accomplished either in our classroom or through a home study course. It teaches you all the background information that all pilots need to know, but are not easily taught in the air. Topics covered during ground school include: regulations, airplane systems, navigation, aerodynamics, weather theory, and radio communications.

Flight training takes place in the airplane. We typically schedule 2-hour lessons during which you'll log an hour to an hour and a half of flight time. Each lesson is structured to cover the specific maneuvers you'll need to master in order to earn your certificate.

Your training will prepare you to take both the written and practical tests. Upon successful completion of these two tests, you will be a certificated pilot!

What can you do once you have your pilot's license?

As a Sport Pilot, you can continue to rent aircraft from us, and fly them anywhere you'd like in KSA. Most of our Sport Pilots tend to fly within a few hundred miles of home, but occasionally they'll head out on more adventurous trips to destinations as far off as club.

Life beyond Sport Pilot

Many of our Sport Pilots fly for a couple years, and then decide to move on to the Private Pilot so they can fly bigger or faster airplanes. Fortunately the transition from Sport to Private is fairly easy. All your Sport Pilot hours will count toward the Private, but you will still need to take another written and practical test.


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