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   The much anticipated Flight Design C4 program continues development in Europe.  The prototype is expected to begin flight test in the first half of 2013.

   The Flight Design C4 is an all carbon composite four-place light aircraft based upon the advanced design of the popular Flight Design CT series of aircraft.  Key features are the new Continental IO-360AF Alternate Fuels engine, conceived to “future proof” the C4, an advanced glass panel cockpit and an integrated, full airplane parachute system. Flight Design has always designed its planes for excellent cross country performance and the C4 is planned to have up to a 1200 NM (2200km) Range.

   Due in large part to the structural efficiency of carbon composites, the C4 will also provide true utility with a giant, easy to enter cabin and a very high useful load of 1320 Lbs(600kg).  As a part of the development process, mock ups of the airframe and interior cabin have been shown extensively for customer input on the ergonomic design. 

    Flight Design has been very busy with recent developments including adding additional technical staff at the Flight Design Flight Test Center in Kamenz Germany, attaining EASA Design Organization Approval (DOA) and working to finish Production Organization Approval (POA).  These two approvals will allow Flight Design to develop and certify the C4 in a more rapid fashion which is key to keeping the target cost of the C4 completely equipped price of $250,000 (€ 220.000).       

    The C4 will first be certified in Europe under ELA (European Light Aircraft Category) by EASA.  FAA certification is anticipated under reciprocity between these two leading regulatory agencies.  Flight Design has participated in the creation of ELA and is involved as well with the current Part 23 ARC review with contributions to the technical and regulatory committees.      

   In order for the aggressive low price target of the C4 to be achieved, all major components of the aircraft must meet pre-determined functional and cost criteria.  The major cost drivers include the airframe, engine, avionics and certification.  Flight Design has extensive experience and understanding of the airframe and, as you know, our engine selection was made in late 2011 with the alternate fuel capable Continental IO-360-AF being chosen.  BRS Aerospace has been selected as the supplier of the integrated, full airplane parachute system (FAPS) for the C4 and during 2012, much progress has been made with our potential avionics partners in developing state-of-the-art capability and functionality while holding the line on cost.   We anticipate announcing our avionics partner soon. 

    A full-scale exterior mock-up of the C4 was on display at major air shows and events in 2012.  While those who saw it were pleased and excited, many were keen to also know what the cockpit and cabin would be like.  Responding to this request, Flight Design showed a new interior mock-up of the C4 at AERO Friedrichshafen, Sun n Fun, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh and most recently at the AOPA Summit in Palm Springs, CA.  The response has been resoundingly positive as more and more people realize how much room the C4 will have for 4 full-sized adults and marvel at the large, coach-style double-door on the left side, providing easy entry and exit to both the front and rear seats while also able to easily accommodate large and bulky cargo.  For a better idea of the beauty and innovation of this great design, please click on the pictures below and download the latest C4 brochure

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