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CT Supralight


• The real Ultralight aircra

• Equipped empty weight 279,5kg onwards

• 80–hp Rotax 912, 2000 hrs. TBO

• 100–hp Rotax 912S, 2000 hrs. TBO

 NEW! 100–hp Rotax 912iS with electric fuel injection and 2000 hrs. TBO

• 115–hp Rotax 914T with turbo charger, turbocharge control unit and 2000 hrs. TBO

• Mission optimized avionic and equipment packages

• Capable for glider and banner towing

• 472,5kg class, with ultralight certification as by national requirements

• Design Weight 600 kg MTOW, certified weight 472,5 kg

• Airframe emergency parachute already installed

 NEW! Single beam composite landing gear with improved damping characteristics

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