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Mini Plane

How happy are you with the paramotor kit that you spent your hard-earned cash on? Is it reliable? Are the manufacturers and dealers helpful when you have queries? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what other pilots think about the products they have bought? Paramotor mag thought it was such a good idea that we are offering three one-year Paramotor mag subscriptions to three participants of the survey, one winner in each of three geographcal areas: US, EMEA (Europe, The Middle East and Africa) and APJ (Asia Pacific Japan).

  • wood propeller of 125 cm
  • Diameter cage 137 cm
  • harness black
  • Weight 19.9 Kg
  • Reductor 20/72, recommended for propellers of 125 cm
  • Harness size M, is the measure that normally can be adjusted for pilots between 60 and 90 Kg
  • for more details click here

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